Why Suzuki Marine?

Suzuki first introduced four-stroke technology into the outboard engines market. Since then, the company has introduced a wide range of engines, integrating its 35-year know-how, winning awards for scientific innovations and presenting this year's first outboard DF300.

Today, Suzuki is renowned for its advanced technology, innovative design and reliable construction of four-stroke outboard engines to its customers.

The company's goal is to meet the growing needs of boat owners for efficient engines with good performance, high horsepower / weight, smooth and economical operation and low noise / vibration emission. We achieved this by combining many advanced technological features, the most important of which are the following

3 year warranty from Suzuki
All Suzuki outboards sold in Europe and especially in Greece are available with a 3 year European warranty. The warranty covers any mechanical, electrical and electronic problems that occur within the warranty period if the customer has followed the Suzuki requirements. Suzuki recommends that outboard service be regularly serviced according to the timetable provided in the Owner's Manual in order to achieve maximum reliability and service life.
Suzuki engine management system (Models 40/50/60/70/90/115/140 hp)
This system controls every aspect of engine performance, provides much more accurate control of engine operation and reduces the chances of human error. Nowadays modern outboard motors are not only mechanical components, so their performance, like those of other car engines, etc., has dramatically improved with the introduction of computer technology.Suzuki's engine management system controls the engine's engine ignition system and provides the ideal fuel supply in all operating conditions while also adjusting for engine wear and ensuring optimal performance throughout its life. It also allows the introduction of engine protection mechanisms such as excessive speed limiters, the oil change reminder system, as well as the simplification of service using an additional diagnostic program via a portable computer that receives information from its integrated management system machine.
Electronic Serial Multipoint Fuel Injection (Models 40/50/60/70/90/115/140 hp)
The use of Suzuki's unique electronic fuel injection system, as opposed to standard carburettors, reduces fuel consumption by up to 50%. The Suzuki Electronic Serial Injection System is the state-of-the-art engine system for outboard engines. Not only does it achieve fuel and oil savings, but it also allows for compliance with the stricter global emissions regulations - CARB 2008 - requiring a further 65% reduction compared to EPA 2006. This way, wherever you are, you will be guaranteed to meet any known future emission requirements and you can rest assured that you will never have any problems. The system fills the engine with fuel by means of high-pressure fuel injectors that deliver the fuel in the most efficient way, which responds to the engine management system commands. The result is economy in fuel economy, clean operation, quick throttle response and instant start.
Compact design (all models)
The four-stroke Suzuki outboard has a thin top and smooth outer surface without protrusions where clothes or lines can be caught. The DF90 / 115 and 140 engines are excellent in extremely small dimensions, thanks to the eccentric installation of the crankshaft and drive shaft using intermediate reduction gears. The result is to achieve the smallest dimensions of this class by reducing the engine profile in the mirror and improving the weight distribution, balance and directional stability.
Internal / external anti-corrosion protection (all models)
Corrosion can reduce the performance of every good outboard engine, but Suzuki's outboard is inadequate to this threat. Each Suzuki engine is placed in the manufacture of the chromate coating and double coated melamine resin primer, while each screw, nut and washer is protected with a Dacromate coating. In the design of the machine, a ground wire network has been incorporated leading to a number of zinc positive electrodes on the outer surfaces and the engine head cover. Consequently, corrosion develops on these positive electrodes rather than the important surfaces of the machine.
DOHC engines with 4 valves per cylinder (Models 40/50/90/115/140 hp)
The design of the two camshafts not only provides excellent power but also provides a compact combustion chamber and the central spark plugs provide full combustion with excellent fuel efficiency. Based on the DF 50 and DF40 three-cylinder engines, the new DF115 and DF90 engines also make full use of this 4-cylinder engine.
Multifunctional Speedometer (Models 40/50/60/70/90/115/140 hp)
The Suzuki multifunctional tachometer incorporates a complete tracking system that immediately alerts the operator in case of malfunctions in basic engine operations.
Suzuki Precision Control System (300 HP Model)
Advanced computer technology via electric cable provides excellent control and easier placement for one, two and three cylinder motors. Suzuki's precision control system was designed for the first 300-horsepower four-stroke outboard - the new Suzuki DF300, and is a computerized system with an electronic electric cord throttle and a gear that gives the ship's operator unparalleled power. With the use of advanced electronic technology, the system provides precise throttle control and instantaneous, decisive gear shifts, while eliminating the friction and resistance commonly associated with mechanical cable control systems.
Digital Capacitor discharge ignition (four-stroke 4/5 horsepower models)
The DF4 and DF5 engines are the world's first outriggers using a CDI ignition system with a digital ignition system. The system, which consists of a unit, is compact, lightweight and has anti-corrosion protection. It also acts as an overvoltage limiter while providing idle stability.
High Performance Altenators (Models 25/40/50/60/70/90/115/140 hp)
High-performance altenator provide enough power to ensure that all your electronic devices operate even for long periods of low speed.
Low noise and vibration (all four-stroke models)
When the engine is idling, the only way you can see that the engine is running is the water jet. The noise level is too low, so you can talk normally with the passengers or crew while traveling, and the minimal vibrations of the engine ensure greater enjoyment.
Improved Air Intake System (140 hp)
The 2044cc DOHC engine produces a horsepower of 68.5 horsepower per liter, much bigger than any four-stroke. Suzuki has achieved this high power-to-displacement relationship with the introduction of a new improved air intake design. A large air inlet in the cover maximizes incoming air flow, which is initially directed to a large silencer and then to a large, branched aluminum inlet and finally ends to the cylinders through the excellent four-valve delivery per cylinder of the DOHC engine.Exhaust efficiency is improved through the 4 to 2-outlet system. This racing technology built into the cylinder head and cylinder block has reduced the load on the exhaust system thus allowing smooth exhaust flow from the cylinders. The entire configuration of the air intake to the exhaust system is designed to increase torque at low to medium speeds and provide a wide range of power output.
Stainless steel water pump housing and anti-corrosion protection (all models)
Stainless steel water pump housings and anti-corrosion protection remain intact in case of overheating.
Constant reliable ignition (Models 40/50/60/70/90/115/140 hp)
It produces twice the power of the spark plugs allowing for cleaner, fuller combustion and maximizing the power produced each year.
Idle air intake control / idle speed control and vibration absorption system (40/50/60/70/90/115/140 models)
These systems provide stable operation of the machine at all times. The idle air control is programmed to allow the engine to operate at low idle idle speeds and is ideal for low-speed operation like when fishing. Rapid idle mode provides quick start and smooth warm-up of the engine while the shock absorber works when the throttle is off suddenly sharply reducing smoothly the bends for less strain on the engine.
Power Trim and Tilt System(40, 50, 60, 70, 90, 115, 140 hp models)
Suzuki's Power Trim and Tilt system lets you adjust the outboard's angle while you're on the go. The manual versions of the 2.5-25 hp outboard feature a gas-assisted tilt mechanism that allows you to easily lift and lower the engine.
Directional Controller on the front (4/5 / 9.9 / 15/25 horsepower models)
Models with tiller have a front-mounted linear adapter that allows the directional adjustment without tools.
Oil cooler (140 hp)
The DF140 outboard cooling system works with water circulation not only in the cylinder block but also in the crankcase, intake, fuel circuit and new oil cooler design, the first in a Suzuki outboard. The fan blades reduce the temperature of the engine.
Tiller and controls centrally located ( 2,5/4/5/9,9/15/25 horsepower models )
The tiller and controls are centrally located, the emergency stop switch is located on the handle and the clutch, starter and light indicators on the tiller.
Dealer network all around Greece (all models)
Suzuki Marine has been exclusively represented for over 20 years by Nick. I. Theocharakis SA The company has established within this time one of the largest networks of dealers in Greece, commercial and technical, who can serve the desire or the problem of each customer.